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What we do


At JVO we believe music comes first. The quality of the music is what cuts through the noise. The difference between a good song and a great song is what makes artists successful. We work holistically with select artists, producers and songwriters. Find out more about what we look for in the people with work with on our Client Profile page.

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Record Store


Long and short form biographies, website content, press releases. We have a great team of writers who have worked with NME, Complex, GRM Daily and more. Get a biography tailored to your needs that you can add to as your grow and develop. 

Digital Marketing

We work with your budget to give you optimal digital marketing for your music, regular optimisation, creating lookalike audiences over the long term and a focus on getting your pay per click as low as possible, whilst maintaining a valuable audience with a higher spend per visitor. 

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Record Selection


We work on both long and short term release strategies. We can work with you on creating a release plan, or just have a one off consultation.  This may be more suitable to those who are looking to self manage but want to get a kickstart in their knowledge.

Content Creation

We can work with you on finding the best partners to create the content you want, from press shots, artwork, visualisers, graphics, music videos, websites and more. We also make content in house for our clients. 

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Influencer and brand

Not just music services, we develop and manage influencers, brands, provide business consultancy in music and other entertainment business services and can help with crisis management, PR, multi media marketing strategies and e-commerce. 

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