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Client Profile

We only want to work with the trillest people, who we can get along with. We need to be able to give our artists real advice to without having to beat around the bush. The music industry is built on relationships, we want to work with people we love being around and we want the same for you. Some people describe music management as being like a marriage. So before you reach out to us let's make sure we are the right fit for each other. 

More than just talented

Talent is great. Everyone has a talent. We need more. You need to be obsessed. To dedicate your time working on your craft and develop new skills that are key to your business being succesful. 

Tackles numbers head on

This is the music business. There are two words. We believe each holds weight equally. There's not shame in making art for art's sake. But you came here because you're interested in the music business, and not just making music as a hobby right? Artists tell us they want ownership. That means you need to get very comfortable talking about numbers. Whether that's streams, sales, followers, finance, KPIs - we need to be able to discuss these things early on. 

The realest

Do you think with logic or your ego? You're hiring us to give you our opinion. You won't be surrounded by "Yes" people here. 

A master of communication 

Written, verbally, visually. However you communicate. You need to be able to do it effectively.

Ready to take risks

Are you ready to invest into your art?

Can you be responsible for a team?

Do you want to run bold campaigns?

If this sounds like you get in touch

We Like You
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